Jan 21, 2021

The use of aluminum die casting is very wide, now many production requirements for the use of aluminum die casting are relatively high, so there are certain requirements in the production design of aluminum die casting, the more basic is the requirements for the shape and thickness of aluminum die casting.

(1) Requirements for shape and structure of aluminum die castings:

  1. Eliminate the inner side concave;
  2. Avoid or reduce core pulling parts;
  3. The reasonable structure of aluminum die casting can not only simplify the structure of die casting die, reduce the manufacturing cost, but also improve the casting quality,

(2) Wall thickness requirements of casting design: the wall thickness of aluminum die casting (commonly known as wall thickness) is a factor of special significance in the die casting process. The wall thickness is closely related to the whole process specification, such as the calculation of filling time, the selection of ingate speed, the calculation of solidification time, the analysis of mold temperature gradient, the effect of pressure (final specific pressure), the length of mold retention time and the casting crown The output temperature and operation efficiency.

  1. The results show that the mechanical properties of aluminum die castings decrease obviously when the part wall thickness is too thick. The compactness of thin-walled castings is good, and the strength and pressure resistance of castings are relatively improved;
  2. The wall thickness of the casting should not be too thin, which will lead to poor filling of liquid aluminum, difficult forming, poor welding of aluminum alloy, easy to produce cold shut and other defects on the surface of the casting, and bring difficulties to the die casting process; With the increase of the wall thickness of aluminum die casting, the defects such as air hole and shrinkage cavity increase. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity of the casting, the wall thickness of the casting should be reduced as far as possible and the thickness of the section should be uniform. In order to avoid shrinkage porosity and other defects, the thickness of the thick wall of the casting should be reduced (material reduction) and ribs should be increased, Ribs are set to reduce the wall thickness of castings.
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