Apr 07, 2021
The density of aluminum alloy die casting is lower than that of cast iron and cast steel, but the specific strength is higher. Therefore, aluminum alloy castings can reduce the weight of the structure under the same load condition, so aluminum alloy castings are widely used in aviation industry, power machinery and transportation machinery manufacturing. Aluminum alloy has good surface luster and good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water, so it has a wide range of uses in the manufacture of civil utensils. Pure aluminum has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing acid medium such as nitric acid and acetic acid, so aluminum castings also have certain applications in chemical industry. Pure aluminum and aluminum alloy have good thermal conductivity. Heat exchange devices used in chemical production, and parts requiring good thermal conductivity in power machinery, such as cylinder head and piston of internal combustion engine, are also suitable for manufacturing with aluminum alloy.
Aluminum alloy die castings have good casting properties. Due to the low melting point (melting point of pure aluminum is 660.230c, pouring temperature of aluminum alloy is about 730-750oc), metal mold and pressure casting can be widely used to improve the internal quality, dimensional accuracy, surface finish and production efficiency of castings. Due to the high latent heat of solidification, the solidification time of aluminum liquid is much longer than that of cast steel and cast iron under the same weight condition, and the fluidity is good, which is conducive to casting thin-walled and complex structure castings.
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