May 06, 2021
The two processes belong to precision casting, and they are very different. They are two completely different casting processes. Die casting is to pour the molten metal into the steel mold on the die casting machine and squeeze it through the die casting machine. The process is relatively simple and suitable Small non-ferrous metal parts with low melting point.

Lost wax casting simply means to make a wax mold first, then make a shell on the wax mold, then melt the wax mold, and finally pour the molten metal into the melted shell of the wax mold to solidify and shape. The process is complex, suitable for small and medium-sized castings of various alloys.

So what is the difference between these two processes?
Input of production cost:

Die casting: The biggest disadvantage of die casting is the high cost. Die casting machines, molds, and mold-related components are relatively expensive compared to other casting methods. Therefore, it is more economical to produce a large number of products when manufacturing die castings.
Lost-wax casting: The investment in lost-wax casting is small, and the entire process can be replaced by manual or automated equipment. However, compared with die-casting, even if a full set of automated equipment is used, the cost of lost-wax casting is 4-6 times lower than that of die-casting.

Different application areas:
Die casting: This process is only suitable for metals with high fluidity, and the casting quality must be between 30 grams and 10 kilograms.
Lost-wax casting: The production of lost-wax precision casting technology can not only achieve mass production, ensure the consistency of castings, but also avoid the stress concentration of residual knife marks after machining.

Advantages and disadvantages:
FUERD Die casting: Because of the huge investment cost, it is more economical when mass production is required. In normal die casting, the last batch of castings always has porosity. Therefore, no heat treatment or welding can be performed, because the gas in the gap will expand under the action of heat, resulting in internal micro-defects and surface peeling. Die castings usually have sand holes and burrs, and the later processing volume is relatively large.
Lost-wax casting: Because the lost-wax casting has high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, it can reduce the machining work, just leave a little machining allowance on the parts with higher requirements, and even some castings only need to be polished , Polishing allowance, can be used without mechanical processing. It can be seen that the use of investment casting method can save a lot of machine tool equipment and processing man-hours, and greatly save metal raw materials.

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