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Various Casting Part

Fuerd OEM various casting parts by different process, such as forged part, investment casting part, sand casting parts, injection plastic parts, rubber parts, stamping parts, precision parts.

Our rich experiences and technology will be great helpful for the making part that it's according the drawing of you provided.

  • Automatic Painting Line

    Automatic Painting Line

  • Auto Painting Line

    Auto Painting Line

  • Shaft Machining

    Shaft Machining

  • 6061 Casting

    6061 Casting

  • 6061 Die Casting

    6061 Die Casting

  • Aluminium Forge

    Aluminium Forge

  • Aluminum Forging

    Aluminum Forging

  • Casting Part

    Casting Part

  • Diecasting Lower

    Diecasting Lower

  • Gravity Casting Tree

    Gravity Casting Tree

  • Lower Die Casting

    Lower Die Casting

  • Lower Pressure Die Casting

    Lower Pressure Die Casting

  • Low Press Die

    Low Press Die

  • Machining


  • Rubber Part

    Rubber Part

  • Sand Casting Part

    Sand Casting Part

  • Steel ring

    Steel ring

  • Strong A356

    Strong A356

  • Gear Machining

    Gear Machining

  • Stamping Auto Bracket

    Stamping Auto Bracket

  • Snap Ring

    Snap Ring