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Tips In Die Casting Designing



Designing of die casting mold is principally based on its shape, and the design and size of die casting have effects on its service life. High strength steel is very sensitive to the corner and gap. So the change of wall thickness and rib must be uniform while designing. People had better adopt larger fillet radius. The cavity wall, core or insert should keep far away from the gate to prevent metal erosion. In order to get the best effect, cooling system must have good hot balance with hot areas, such as runner, gate, overflow and cavity. The position in the cavity which is difficult to fill fully should provided with an overflow. So that the casting metal can flow to these parts.


When you design the die casting, the sharp angle eliminated with rounded or chamfer that can reduce repair and even make the possibility of die failure decreased. A corner on the parts is equal an interior angle in the mold. It will have a very high stress gradient if there is no fillet. This stress gradient will failure with the high pressure. You should be avoided the barb, because they will require to be processed.


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