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Notes In Tooling Designing

September, 4 ,2014


In fact, tooling designing is comprehensive reflect various factors which may appear in die casting production. There is little problem and high qualified rate in the actual production due to reasonable tooling designing. On the contrary, with the unreasonable tooling designing, dynamic fixed die package force is basically same in tooling designing. Pouring system mostly processed in fixed mode and even put on the die casting machine. The casting has been stuck in the fixed mold when it could not work normally.


Die casting is one of the three major elements of die casting production. The mold with reasonable structure is a prerequisite for successful die casting production. And it also plays an important role in casting quality. The correct selection of the process parameters is the decisive factor to obtain high quality castings due to the characteristics of the die casting technology. Die is the premise to the choose and adjust the process parameters correctly.


Although the fixed model cavity finish polished, it still stick on the fixed mold with deep cavity. So people must analysis of the casting structure comprehensive in tooling designing. At the same time, people should be familiar with the operation process of die casting machine, known about the possibility of adjusting die casting machine and process parameter, consider mold processing method, drilling and fixed form. Finally designer could design the mold which can meet production requirement.

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