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Draw Gird By Mould Flow Analysis



Many people who learn mould flow analysis first time don’t know production process of professional mould flow analysis. Someone will buy a book to learn by themselves. Then they handle by the course in this book. In fact, mould flow analysis books in the market are all not professional course. On the contrary, the course always stay in how to use mould flow analysis software.


For example, an amateur one draw grid. He will put the product to the analysis software directly, then drawing the grid. The grid division out is usually in bad quality. So he needs to embroidery grid slowly. This is the most popular mould flow analysis. Professional mould flow analysis have little defects and often in high quality.


Put the product into 3D software while making it to a correct position. Draw all needing elements. Then put the product curved surface into the CAD and treatment it. Finally export to mold flow analysis software to divide the grid and even repair the grid. Do analysis after grid division, do parameter adjustment after getting analysis result. That can ensure the result without any error. Certainly after all adjustments, make a good mould flow analysis report will be perfect.


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