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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Low Pressure Casting



As we all known, casting field has been developed more and more better. The casting types also become diversified. Low pressure casting is one of casting type, it is important and owns many advantages. But each type has its own characteristics. Certainly no type is perfect, as well as low pressure casting. In order to promote the improvement of product, we had better get the knowledge of low pressure casting advantages and disadvantages.


Low pressure casting method has its own advantage. The utilization rate of raw materials is very high if people use low pressure casting method by the practice. Its process make it is without any runner and riser. As a result, the processing time can be shortened greatly and overall work efficiency has been improved a lot. Due to its process, the casting will form directional solidification. This form will let internal defects become less.


Although there is without any runner and riser problems in the low pressure casting, the gate is also an obvious problem. It is still limited. Low pressure casting is not suitable for batch processing. Because this casting process has bad productive. Its whole production cycle will be long. At the same time, it always has high control requirement to all aspects of data. So low pressure casting is limited to apply to some fields.

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    Aluminium Low Pressure Casting

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    Gravity Casting

  • Gravity Casting

    Gravity Casting

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    Low Press Casting

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    Resin Sand Casting

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