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Knowledge About Low Pressure Casting



Low pressure casting is a kind of casting methods for workpiece. The process itself and its equipment all own a series of characteristics.


Low pressure casting is usually used for product processing. It is also apply to many products, such as sand, graphite, ceramic type and investment shell. It is favor of improving the permeability and strength from the molding materials. It is always in good formability, excellent surface quality and stable mechanical performance. Certainly the low pressure casting has been improved process yield of liquid metal.


In fact, these all should be finished by low pressure casting machine. At the same time, the machine must be equipped with some basic factors which include holding furnace, mold, hydraulic connector for mold switch mechanism, furnace pressure control device and other control devices. So you can finish the low pressure casting successfully.


Low pressure casting equipment consist of host machine, hydraulic system, heat insulation furnace, the pressurizing device, electrical control system and mold cooling system. Sometimes low pressure casting can not meet some castings requirements which with special structure or performance, people would like to develop some special low pressure casting processes based on the ordinary low pressure casting.

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