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Key Technology For Thin Aluminum Die Casting



Wall thickness of aluminum die casting depends on filling time. less filling time bring more thinner wall of aluminum die casting. This aluminum die casting must be equipped with machine which could offer stable fast compression speed and get precision and rigidity mold. If the wall thickness has been reached down the 1mm, we will called it as thin wall.


There are some important points for making thin aluminum die casting. At first, people had better use good release agent which own good high temperature adhesion. This release agent is often in oily and aqueous. Release agent with high concentration must be sprayed very quickly. Secondly people should pay attention in injection chamber casting. Aluminum liquid should keep at a right temperature. Certainly the filling rate can not be reduced. If you choose powder lubricant which with good heat insulation effect, you maybe get a good effect.


The most important in aluminum die casting is a high injection speed. In order to ensure stable high speed, injection chamber must have adequate lubrication. Besides aluminum die casting is easy to make shrinkage and crack in the solidification and shrinkage. So the casting structure always own uniform wall thickness. Certainly the casting should be take out as soon as possible after processed.

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