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Features Of CNC Machining Center



CNC is a computer numerical control machine tool, that also refers to computer numerical control. It is a kind of automatic tools which controlled by program. This control system can process program logically which own control code or other symbols of the directive and decoding through the computer. So that machine tool can implementation of provisions action and cut the rough material into semi-finished parts by tools.


Traditional machining processes are all operated by hands with ordinary machine. Operator often shake the tool and cut the metal by hands, use related tool to measure product precision. In modern time, people use the machine tool which controlled by digital computer. CNC machine tool can process any product and parts directly and automatically according to previously programmed.


The development trend of modern CNC machine tools is high speed, high precision, high reliability, compound, intelligence and open architecture. The main development is researching intelligent general NC device. The numerical control technology is the foundation of machining automation. It is the core technology of CNC machine tools. Its technology level is relation to the national strategic position and also can reflect national comprehensive strength. It develops with information technology, micro electronics technology, automation technology and detection technology.


  • CNC Lathe Machining

    CNC Lathe Machining


    CNC Milling

  • CNC Shaft Machining

    CNC Shaft Machining

  • Drilling Machine

    Drilling Machine

  • Drilling Machining

    Drilling Machining

  • Full Machining Part

    Full Machining Part

  • machining inspection

    Machining Inspection

  • Turning Machining

    Turning Machining



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