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New Technology Of Die Casting Tooling



Die casting tooling is a large class in the mold. With the fast development of automobile industry, die casting industry ushered in a new period of development. At the same time, it has been put forward higher requirements to the comprehensive mechanical properties and service life of die casting tooling.


As we all known, the requirement of using performance has been improved continuously. So it is difficult to reach the requirement only by the application of new mold material. Put the various surface treatments technology into the surface treatment of die casting tooling. So that the die casting tooling will have high efficiency, high precision and long service life.


The new technology of die casting tooling can be divided into three types. The first one is traditional technical improvement of heat treatment process. The second one is coating technology and another is surface modification technology. The surface modification technology includes surface of the heat diffusion treatment, surface transformation hardening, electric spark strengthening technique and so on. Working conditions of die casting tooling is harsh in all kinds of moulds. Pressure casting is making molten metal filled with die cavity under high pressure and speed. Certainly it needs contact with hot metal repeatedly in the working process.


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