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Die Casting Workshop

Ningbo Fuerd aluminium die casting machine range from 160 ton to 1600 ton which provide the wide range of high pressure die cast part sizes from 0.4” square to over 2’ square. Our world class tooling technology offers solid tool and the plenty experiences of casting parameter control that make our casting parts are durable and exquisite to compare with the other workmanship. Equipped with Advanced Auto die casting Workshops.


Our auto casting workshop is ISO/TS 16949 Standards
For your assurance, our factory passed the ISO/TS 16949 certification. Moreover, we have inspection machines, such as SPK direct reading instrument analyzers, metallurgical analyzers, tensile strength testers and hardness testers.


We routinely pour a broad range non-ferrous materials. The following are some of the most common alloys being used:


Aluminum die casting alloys: A380, A360, A356, and K-Alloy
Magnesium die casting alloys include AZ91D and AM60B
Zinc die casting alloys include ZA3, ZA12, and ZA27
Copper alloy die castings
Design Criteria
As die cast tolerance as tight as +/- .005”, post machining available for tighter tolerance applications.
Standard tolerance of +/- .010” for the first inch and +/-.002” each additional inch.
Typical surface finish of Ra 63-125 micro-inch as cast, post machining available for higher quality finishes.
Minimum draft = .5 degrees
Minimum wall thickness = .030” (Thinner wall thickness possible with alternative processes

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