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Cold Water For Die Casting Mold



Generally speaking, die casting mold is made by mold steel. It is usually processed by some special treatments. Of course, every perfect mold has its own limited life. If you want to use it more time, please pay more attention in small details. Too high temperature of the mold is easy to make the core surface broken. Some molds is thermal expansion and contraction, some even broken directly. High temperature will make the core color changed. As soon as it mixed with release agent, the crackle will be appear. Producing with this die casting mold, it is easy to become deformation or cracked.


In fact, the correct producing method is using cold water for die casting mold. That is not only has improved mold service life, but also decrease the number of accidents. Many workers think switching on the cold water pipe is in trouble. But they don’t know that it may be dangerous for factory and personal.


Using cold water for die casting mold can reduce the temperature effectively. At the same time, it will be avoid the trouble which brought by release agent. There are many benefits for using cold water. Such as decrease die casting time, extend service life and reduce mold sticking.

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