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Assembly Part

Fuerd provide OEM assembly parts to help customers saving time and cost.

For the complex assembly parts, the fitting tolerance is the main important, and handing each part’s processing. Our assembly component have die casting part, forged part, investment casting part, sand casting parts, injection plastic parts, rubber parts, stamping parts, precision parts. The assembly process is over mold injection, Welding, Stamping, Rivet, Injection molding, Adaptation etc. And there different test: Tensile test, Strength test, Hardness test, Pressure test, Salt spray test, Impact test.

  • Aluminum Plastic Over Mould

    Aluminum Plastic Over Mould

  • Aluminum Rubber Over Mould

    Aluminum Rubber Over Mould

  • Auto Oil Body

    Auto Oil Body

  • Auto Shock Absorber

    Auto Shock Absorber

  • Braces Mould

    Braces Mould

  • Braces Mould Assembly

    Braces Mould Assembly

  • Cylinder Parts

    Cylinder Parts

  • Dental Chair Fittings

    Dental Chair Fittings

  • Driver Gear Assembly

    Driver Gear Assembly

  • Elevator Gearbox

    Elevator Gearbox

  • Inner Rubber

    Inner Rubber

  • LED Assembly

    LED Assembly

  • LED Lamp Assembly

    LED Lamp Assembly

  • Lift Bracket

    Lift Bracket

  • Machining Part Assembly

    Machining Part Assembly

  • Pipe Clamp

    Pipe Clamp

  • Pulley Fittings

    Pulley Fittings

  • Rubber Brushing

    Rubber Brushing

  • Scanning Box

    Scanning Box

  • Shock Absorber Part

    Shock Absorber Part

  • Stamping and Rubber Over Mold

    Stamping and Rubber Over Mold

  • Stamping Part

    Stamping Part

  • Steel Rubber Over Mold

    Steel Rubber Over Mold

  • Street Housing

    Street Housing

  • Tool Cap Removal Mercedes GL ML

    Tool Cap Removal Mercedes GL ML

  • Top Mount Mercedes SL

    Top Mount Mercedes SL

  • Wheelchair Part

    Wheelchair Part

  • Wheelchair Support

    Wheelchair Support

  • Wheel Rubber Part

    Wheel Rubber Part

  • Yacht Rack

    Yacht Rack