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Advantage Of CNC Precision Machining



The processing conditions of CNC machining technology are predetermined by the instruction code. Such as spindle speed, feed rate and tool selection. The total process is in automatically. Machining error caused by human is very small. So CNC machining process is in high precision. Besides CNC lathe can be operated again and again. Its size is always in good consistency.


Moving parts of CNC lathe adopt acceleration and deceleration control in positioning. And people could choose great speed of air travel. That will shorten the time of positioning and non cutting. The efficiency of CNC lathe are more than ordinary CNC lathe about two times. Productivity of the complex parts processing could be improved more than a dozen times and even dozens of times.


CNC precision machining is completed automatically by the programmed. Operator only needs to handle the keyboard, load workpiece. detection and observation of lathe operation. You don’t need any complex and manual repeatedly. So the degree of labor intensity and tension can be reduced greatly. Besides CNC lathe is often without many cooling, lubrication or protection devices. If there is any modify on spare parts diagram, you only ought to modify the corresponding part of the program.

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